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The story behind Polar Light Training

The first decade of the twenty-first century was the blossom of Internet and information technology. Military and law enforcement operation advanced rapidly with the process of global war on terrorism. There happened to be a chance for us to access to some international MIL/LE training as well as the latest information. February 2, 2007, Polar Light Training was officially established and it was the very first time for Taiwanese to cooperate with US civilian-owned MIL/LE training organizations. 
Since establishment, PLTG has been working with various international training organizations. PLTG is honored to join some exercises from Original SWAT World Challenge in 2007 to Urban Shield in 2015. PLTG introduced IDPA to Taiwan in 2015 and has become the most seasoned civilian-based MIL/LE training service in Taiwan.

Cooperating with AZTEC Training Service

All of our foreign instructors are introduced by Aztec Training Service, including former US Army Tier 1 OTC instructor, senior FBI firearm instructor and world-class competition shooter. Here are some of their names, 

  • Ken Hackathorn
  • Larry Vickers
  • Daryl Holland
  • Tyler Grey
  • Robert Vogel
  • Chen Lee
  • Shin Tanaka

Some of them traveled to Asia for a variety of training courses. PLTG also organizes annual training activities in the States. To share the latest information and experience gained by these instructors, PLTG started to translate some YouTube channels from 2017.

Domestic training capabilities

PLTG never stop evolving. All PLTG training personnel are scheduled to attend specialized trainings and courses both domestically and internationally. Here are some qualifications we hold, 

  • NRA rifle & pistol instructor
  • NRA range safety officer
  • IDPA safety officer
  • IKMF CIC instructor
  • IKMF MIC instructor
  • TECC specialist
  • TCCC specialist
  • EMT certification 

A wide range of related trainings
PLTG is never satisfied with its own capabilities with the understanding of “there is no limit in learning” and never stop sharpening itself.

Cooperating with IKMF

PLTG introduced Krav Maga in 2009 with the support of IKMF chairman Avi Moyal. To this day, two instructors have been recognized official training instructors by IKMF HQ in Israel. They are: 
•De-Hua Luo (CIC/MIC instructor)
•Heng-Jui Chang (CIC instructor)
Both of them had been to IKMF HQ in Israel for training and host regular courses around Taiwan. PLTG also invites senior instructors from IKMF HQ from time to time for different trainings.

Working in different fields

PLTG started to work in filming as a tactical consultant and personal security detail in 2013. Here are some projects PLTG attended, 

  • 2017, Ghost Recon real life drug factory take-down mission film
  • 2016, movie Bleeding Steel
  • 2015, Rainbow Six real life house assault mission film
  • 2013, Black & White: The Dawn of Justice 

Projects alike require detailed communication and coordination. Businesses and organizations are very welcome to contact PLTG directly!